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PLSC 2013 Outline India 2

Civil parliamentary debate 2 a political neutral

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Unformatted text preview: constitution and other political institutions were modeled explicitly on Britain’s Westminster parliamentary system, and few changes to the original blueprint have been enacted —Three generations of Indians function and participate in a system that maintains: 1. civil parliamentary debate 2. a political neutral bureaucracy 3. independent judiciary 4. Xirm civil control over the military ! Political Institutions: Constitution —India’s constitution is one of the world’s longest, enshrining in writing the fundamental principles of Britain’s unwritten constitutional order of parliamentary democracy ! Two Interesting Tenants: 1. Emergency rule 2. Presidential rule ! Emergency Rule —Emergency rule: (nationwide martial law) Constitutional provision permitting the Indian government to impose martial law on the country Invoked twice during international conXlict: 1. China in 1962 2. Pakistan in 1971 More Controversially: 2. Indira Gandhi used it from 1975 to...
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