PLSC 2013 Outline India 2

PLSC 2013 Outline India 2

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Unformatted text preview: question time —Seen during the era of the Congress’s dominance as little more than window dressing for the party in power and its prime minister, Lok Sabha has had an increasingly important political role since the emergence of multiparty coalition governments and the strengthening of regional parties ! Legislature: Upper House —As its name denotes, the upper house, or Lok Rajya (House of States), represents India’s twenty- eight states and seven territories —All but twelve of its 250 members are elected (the remaining twelve being appointed by the president) to Xixed six- year terms —Although the upper chamber technically possesses most of the same powers as its lower counterpart—including the right to introduce legislation—in practice it has been much weaker —Only the Lok Sabha can introduce bills to raise revenue and any Xinancial measure the Lok Rajya votes down can be enacted with the support of the lower house —Any other deadlocked legislation is put to a majority...
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