Russia Lecture 1

1 exacerbated domestic tensions 2 weakening rather

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Unformatted text preview: 1584), who came to power in the decades following Russia's final independence from Mongol control - Ivan began to assert Russia's authority over that of for ! ! ! ! ! 1. Religion may have shaped pitiful culture in a way that influences the way Russians viewed the relationship between the individual and the state ! 2. Historica catastrophes like Mongol rule may have stunted economic growth and cut the country off from the developments that occurred elsewhere in Europe ! 3.Political leadership might also have solidified certain authoritarian institutions. ! ! The Seeds of Revolution ! •The Revolution of 1905 forced Nicholas II to institute a series of limited reforms, including the creation of a legislature (the Duma) •World War I was the final straw and the overwhelming financial and human costs of the war: ! 1. Exacerbated domestic tensions ! 2. Weakening rather than strengthening national unity 
 The Russian Revolution under Ленин ! Food shortages The czar was forced to step down in March of 1917, and a non- communist, republican leadership took control ! •Lenin's takeover was a radical, revolutionary event, whereas in other ways the new Communist government fell back on the conservative institutions of traditional Russian rule •Local revolutionary authority was pushed aside, though it was given superficial reco...
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