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Major geographic and demographic features the countrys

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Unformatted text preview: society has grown much more unequal in terms of wealth, and many Russians have grown poorer over the past fifteen years •Russia has built a democratic system that has managed to conduct elections and respond to basic political necessities •Russia's reconstruction is by no means complete; it remains in transition, and the path it takes will shape its role in the global community as a whole (Illiberal Democracies) ! Major Geographic and Demographic Features ! •The country’s vast size is noticeable (it is a large country) •Russia is nearly four times the size of the United States and covers eleven time zones •Russia has a population of (roughly) 146 million •Much of the Russian population is concentrated in the western, geographically European part of the country ! ! Major Geographic and Demographic Features - - - - countless invasions - natural resources: wood, oil, natural gas, gold, nickel, & diamonds ! ! Historical Development of the State - Another important development was the Mongol invasion of Russia in the 13 century - The Mongols, a nomadic Asian people, first united under Genghis Khan and... - ! ! ! ! Cut off from European intellectual and economic influences, Russia would not participate: ! 1. The Renaissance ! 2. Feel the impact of the Protestant Reformation ! 3. Industrial revelation ! •The move toward despotism was rooted in the rule of Ivan the Terrible (1533–...
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