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Stalins power was solidified through a cult of

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Unformatted text preview: gnition in the new name of the country—the Union of Soviet Sot Republics •Authority was vested solely in the Communist Party, which controlled all government and state activity ! •Alternative political parties and private media were banned. A secret- police force, the Cheka, was formed to root out opposition; eventually becoming the KGB, the body that would control domestic dissent and supervise overseas surveillance ! •Managing all of this newfound power was a growing bureaucratic system, composed of the nomenklatura—a term that refers to the politically influential jobs in the state, society, or economy and the Communist Party appointees who staff them ! ! •The Communist state took on an enormous task of managing the basic economic and social life of the country •Under Lenin's harsh leadership, the Soviet state did not reach its zenith •For the Soviet leadership, 1917 was intended to be simply a first step in a worldwide pro...
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