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Over half are afrikaners descendants of the dutch

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Unformatted text preview: the postapa....... ! Major Geographic and Demographic Features •Historically, South Africa has been a harsh and isolated region ! •Today, South Africa has about 44 million inhabitants •Unlike much of the rest of Africa, South Africa has seen its birth rates decline dramatically over the past twenty- ive years •South Africa is not neatly divided between blacks and whites—this gross simpli]ication obscures a much more heterogeneous ethnic makeup: three quarters of South Africans are black, but the ethnic composition of the black population is extremely diverse ! DEMOGRAPHIC FEATURES •Whites constitute just over 10 percent of the population, and that population is also divided ethnically ! •Over half are Afrikaners, descendants of the Dutch, French, and German colonists who arrived in the seventeenth century and developed their own language (Afrikaans) and cultural traditions •Another 40 percent of South Africa's white population are descendants of English settlers who arrived in the eighteenth century • Even today these "English whites" favor English over Afrikaans and view themselves as somewhat distinct •This diversity of the...
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