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Citizens the tale of two south africas

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Unformatted text preview: cially, South Africans vanished the world’s most elaborate and overtly authoritarian racist regime by foreign a common nation from its ashes •Economically, the government confounded its critics by avoiding the “easy” path of populist redistribution, instead cutting government expenditures and debt while delivering impressive gains in jobs, homes, and access to basic necessities for even the country’s poorest citizens. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! •The tale of two South Africas cannot yet boast a fairy- tale ending ! •The decades of political violence, social partition, and economic deprivation that victimized over 80% of the population have left horrible and lasting scars •Compounding the legacies of racism and authoritarianism are a host of pernicious social problems, such rampant violent crime, brooding, racial tension, and the pandemic of HIV/AIDS ! •The remarkable success of the new government has heightened expectations for rapid economic change and social equality •There are concerns that democracy has been successful because...
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