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Unformatted text preview: only. 1. Consecutive reactions in a batch reactor (2 points) In class we modeled the consecutive reaction system in a batch reactor A à༎ B à༎ P. Use this model to show in a series of plots how CA(t), CB(t), CP(t) vary for five different combinations of k1 and k2 (of your choice). Use your favorite graphing software (e.g. Excel). 2. Autocatalytic reaction in a batch reactor (6 points) Consider the reaction A à༎ B, where the rate of production of B is given as r = kCACB. The reaction is said to be autocatalytic, because the rate increases with the presence of B (in this case r is proportional to CB). The initial conditions are: CA(t=0) = CA,0 CB(t=0) = 0 a) Write a differential equation that describes the time dependence of CB(t) and...
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