1987 foundations of cognitive grammar vol i

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Unformatted text preview: bombe atomique au nettoyage etnique. Paris: Editions du Seuil. [Transl. into Polish by Maryna Ochab, published as “Poza totalitaryzmem i wojną”. In Hassner 2002b. 217-234.] Hassner, Pierre. 2002a. “La signifiation du 11 septembre”. Bulletin de la Societe francaise de Philosophie XCVI/1. [Transl. into Polish by Maryna Ochab, published as “Znaczenie 11 września”. In Hassner 2002b. 235-259.] Hassner, Pierre. 2002b. Koniec pewników. Eseje o wojnie, pokoju i przemocy. [The end of certainty. Essays on war, peace and violence]. Warszawa: Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego i Wydawnictwo Sic! References 259 Hiraga, Masako K. – Chris Sinha – Sherman Wilcox. 1999. (eds.). Cultural, typological and psychological issues in Cognitive Linguistics. Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 152. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Hoffman, Bruce. 1998. Inside terrorism. New York: Columbia University Press. Hooks, Gregory. 2003. “Bringing the classical insights and critical eye of sociology to the study of contemporary wars”. Political Power and Social Theory 16. 235-241. Hughes, Geoffrey. 1988. Words in time. A social history of the English vocabulary. Oxford: Blackwell. Husserl, Edmund. 1929. Cartesianische Meditationen und Pariser Vorträge. Den Haag: Nijhoff. Itkonen, Esa. 2005. Analogy as Structure and Process. Approaches in linguistics, cognitive psychology and philosophy of science. (Human Cognitive Processing 14.) Amsterdam – Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Jackendoff, Ray – David Aaron. 1991. “Review article More than cool reason: A field guide to poetic metaphor. By George Lakoff – Mark Turner. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 1989.” Language 67/2. 320-338. Jäkel, Olaf. 1997 [2003]. Metaphern in abstracten Diskurs-Domänen. Frankfurt am Mein: Peter Lang. [Transl. into Polish by Monika Banaś and Bronisław Drąg. Metafory w abstrakcyjnych domenach dyskursu. Kraków: Universitas]. Jäkel, Olaf. 1999. “Kant, Blumenberg, Weinrich: Some forgotten contributions to the Cognitive Theory of Metaphor.” In Gibbs, Raymond W. – Gerard J. Steen. (eds.). 928. Jakobson, Roman. 2002 (1971 [1956]). “Metaphoric and metonymic poles.” In Jakobson, Roman – Morris Halle. (eds.) 1971. Fundamentals of language. Vol. 2. 90-96. The Hague-Paris: Mouton. Reprinted in Dirven, Rene – Ralf Pörings. (eds.). 41-48. Janion, Maria. 1998. Płacz generała. Eseje o wojnie. [The general’s tears. Essays on war.] Warszawa: Sic. Janssen, Theo – Redeker Gisela. (eds.). 1999. Cognitive Linguistics: Foundations, scope and methodology. Berlin – New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Jedlicki, Jerzy. 1978. “Dzieje doświadczone i dzieje zaświadczone” [History experienced and history testified]. In Stefanowska, Zofia – Janusz Sławiński. (eds.). (After Janion (1998), no page numbers). Johnson, Christopher. 1999. “Metaphor vs. conflation in the acquisition of polysemy: The case of SEE.” In Hiraga, Masako K. – Chris Sinha – Sherman Wilcox. (eds.). (After Lakoff – Jonson (1999), no page numbers). Joh...
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