256 references eco umberto 1976 a theory of semiotics

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Unformatted text preview: pe at Georgia State University 26 February 1993. Available from The Clausewitz Homepage. Bauby, Jean Dominique. 1997. The diving bell and the butterfly. New York: Vinatge books. Beaugrande, de Robert Alain – Wolfgang Dressler. 1981. Introduction to text linguistics. London: Longman. [Polish translation by Aleksander Szwedek. Wstęp do lingwistyki tekstu. Warszawa: Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe.]. Bell, Allan. 1991. The language of news media. Oxford: Blackwell. Bell, Allan. 2003. “Poles apart. Globalization and the development of news discourse across the twentieth century”. In Aitchison, Jean – Diana M. Lewis (eds.). 7-17. Berelson, Bernard. 1952. Content analysis in communication research. Glencoe, Ill.: Free Press. Berger, John. 2003. “Fear eats the soul”. The Nation. (May 12). 33-35. Bernardez, Enrique. 2005. Synergy and the construction of meaning. A plenary paper delivered at 36th Poznań Linguistic Meeting. April 2005, Poznań, Poland. Biber, Douglas. 1988. [1991]. Variation across speech and writing. Cambridge: CUP. 254 References Biber, Douglas. 2003. “Compressed noun-phrase structures in newspaper discourse. The competing demands of popularization vs. economy”. In Aitchison, Jean – Diana M. Lewis. (eds.). 169-181. Black, Max. 1962. Models and metaphors. Ithaca, NY: Ithaca University Press. Black, Max. 1993. “More about metaphor”. In Ortony, Andrew. (ed.). 19-41. Bolinger, Dwight. 1977. Meaning and form. London: Longman. Bralczyk, Jerzy. 2001. O języku polskiej propagandy politycznej lat siedemdziesiątych. [About the language of Polish political propaganda in the 1970s]. Warszawa: Trio. Brugman, Claudia. 1988. The story of ‘over’. Polysemy, semantics and the structure of the lexicon. New York: Garland. Bühler, Karl. 1930. The mental development of a child: A summary of modern psychological theory. (Third Impression). London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. Bühler, Karl. 1934 [1990]. Theory of language: The representational function of language. Amsterdam-Philadelphia: Benjamins. Bull, Hedley. 1977. The anarchical society. New York: Columbia University Press. Cameron, Lynne – Alice Deignan. 2003. “Combining large and small corpora to investigate tuning devices around metaphor in spoken discourse”. Metaphor and Symbol. 18,3. 149-160. Cameron, Lynne – Alice Deignan. 2006. “The emergence of metaphor in discourse”. Applied Linguistics 27/4: 671-690. Cameron, Lynne – Graham Low. (eds.). 1999. Researching and applying metaphor. Cambridge: CUP. Cap, Piotr (ed.). 2005. Pragmatics Today. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. Cap, Piotr. 1998. “Enactment of Power and Responsibility in the NATO discourse.” SALSA VI. 25-33. Carey, John. 2003. “Reportage, literature and willed credulity”. In Aitchison, Jean – Diana M. Lewis. (eds.). 57-64. Carlson, Margaret. 2001. “Patriotic splurging”. Time, Oct. 15th. Centeno, Miguel Angel. 2003. “Guns and states: A commentary on Ian Roxborough”. Political Power and Social Theory 16. 251-259. Charter...
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