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Unformatted text preview: is-Black, Jonathan. 2004. Corpus approaches to Critical Discourse Analysis. Houndmills – New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Chatman, Seymour – Eco, Umberto – Jean-Marie Klinkenberg. 1979. A semiotic landscape. Proceedings of the first Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies. Milan, June 1974. The Hague-Paris-New York: Mouton Publishers. Chatman, Seymour. 1979. “Rhetoric and Semiotics”. In Chatman, Seymour et al. (eds.). 103-112. Chaunu, Pierre. 1996-1997. “Violence, guerre et paix”. Politique Estrangere 4. (After Hassner (2000) no page numbers.) Chilton, Paul – George Lakoff. 1995. “Foreign policy by metaphor”. In Schäffner, Christina – Anita L. Wenden. (eds). Language and peace. Aldershot: Dartmouth. 37-60. An early popular version of the paper available from http://crl.ucsd.edu/newsletter/35/Article1.html (Jan 3, 2006). References 255 Cieślicka, Anna. 2004. On processing figurative language: Towards a model of idiom comprehension in foreign language learners. Poznań: Motivex. Clark, Eve V. 1978. “Awareness of language: Some evidence from what children say and do”. In Sinclair, A. – R. H. Jarvella – W. Levelt. (eds.). 17-43. Clausewitz, Carl. 1873. On war. Transl. By J. J. Graham. London: Truebner. [Original Vom Kriege published in 1832. Berlin: Duemmlers Verlag.] Now available from www.clausewitz.com Cohen, Jean. 1979. “Theorie de la figure.” In Todorov, T. – W. Empson – J. Cohen – G. Hartmann – F. Rigolot. (eds.). Semantique de la poesie. Paris: Seuil. 84-127. First published in Communications 16 (1970) No page numbers given. (Transl. into Polish by Krystyna Falicka, „Teoria figury” Pamiętnik literacki 77 (1986) 4, 207-234.) Collins-Cobuild English Language Dictionary. 1987. London: HarperCollins Publishers. Coulson, Seana. 2001. Semantic Leaps. Frame shifting and conceptual blending in meaning construction. Cambridge: CUP. Coulthard, Malcolm. 1994. (ed.). Advances in written text analysis. London: Routledge. Creveld van, Martin. 1991. The transformation of war. New York: Free Press. Croft, William. 1993 [2002]. “The role of domains in the interpretation of metaphors and metonymies.” Cognitive Linguistics 4: 335-370. Reprinted in Dirven, Rene – Ralf Pörings. (eds.) 161-206. Deignan, Alice. 1999. “Corpus-based research into metaphor”. In Cameron, Lynne – Graham Low. (eds.). 177-199. Deignan, Alice. 2005. Metaphor and Corpus Linguistics. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Diaz Vera, Javier E. (ed.). 2002. A changing world of words. Studies in English historical lexicography, lexicology and semantics. Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi. Dirven, Rene – Ralf Pörings. 2002. (eds.) Metaphor and metonymy in comparison and contrast. Berlin – New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Dirven, Rene – Rosalyn Frank – Enrique Bernardez. (eds.). In press. Body, language and mind: Sociocultural situatedness. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Dirven, Rene. 2002 [1993]. “Metonymy and metaphor: Different mental strategies of co...
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