As a result the inhabitants of the capital will

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Unformatted text preview: tal and their sand-bagged lodgings after dark in a Jeep flying a large, illuminated Red Cross flag and driving at a snail’s pace. In the finest tradition of Florence Nightingale and others from Britain tending the wounded on battlefields far from home, the three have maintained an unflappability and sense of humour that has impressed both the poorly equipped Afghan hospital workers and the handful of other foreign volunteers alike. To non-British ears ‘the finest tradition of Florence Nightingale’ may sound a bit exulted, but the journalist’s intention seems to be quite solemn. Apparently, such national symbolic references as ‘Mother Russia’ mentioned before, do not carry a similar positive emotional impact on the non-Russian addressees. This section closes with a longer fragment which, as was already the case with The Times reporting of the Falklands and Libyan conflicts, falls under what I call self-conscious journalism: (111) The other shells, being farther off, had hooted as they fell. This one screamed as it passed over the Mujahidin position on the ridge to explode on the plain behind, not far from a village which is still inhabited. Looking towards the houses, the American journalist crouching beside me growled: “What a lousy death blown up for someone else’s photo opportunity.” This is all that the minor artillery duel really was. For the benefit of three cameramen, the group of Mujahidin from Maulavi Yunis Khalis’s faction of the Hezb-i Islami party at the post near the village of Muhmand fired three shells from a Russian 120mm gun at a government battery on a hill guarding Jalalabad. A qualitative analysis of war news 177 This text testifies to the ethical dilemmas that war reporters must face when performing their profession, when such lofty quandaries as impartiality or reliability come second to the simple responsibility for one’s documentary’s subjects, and to the intense feeling of absurdity of filming or reporting other people’s death and suffering. 2.9. Trybuna on the war on terror As the size of the Polish newspapers and newspaper articles increased significantly between the 1980s and 2001, only two thirds of texts underwent close reading in the qualitative analysis. The samples of texts were collected from the newspaper between October 1st 2001 and December 21st 2001. 2.9.1. Isolated metaphors Similarly to the previous analysis, the present one also identified references to the Glory of War Myth (especially in President Bush’s speech reprinted in Trybuna), and such metaphors as WAR IS A THEATRE/FILM, WAR IS A GAME OF CHESS, WAR IS CLEANING, WAR IS A NATURAL FORCE. Still, the words which may be considered evidence for these metaphors are usually highly polysemous (see also Chapter Five on indicators of conceptual metaphor), and no evidence of any discourse-structuring clusters have been found in the texts signed by Polish journalists. Occasionally the metaphor seems to be reactivated as a result of elaboration, as in the example b...
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