As for 2001 the times online archive was used and it

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Unformatted text preview: April 14th 1982 gave the average of 25 pages per issue. As for 2001, The Times Online Archive was used and it was impossible to ascertain the number of pages of the newspaper. Trybuna Ludu of 1982 consisted of 8 pages on weekdays and 10 on weekends, while in 2001 it consisted of 16 pages Monday through Thursday, 20 on Friday and 16 on SaturdaySunday, disregarding various additional materials, such as local or special supplements. It was thus almost three times smaller in the 1980s than The Times, which also showed in the length of the articles contributing to the two corpora. This is the reason why the Polish data for two out of three of the wars of the 1980s is supplanted with the articles from Rzeczpospolita. Trybuna Ludu and Rzeczpospolita were the major national newspapers which were published in the 1980s and are still in circulation today. Trybuna Ludu was the organ of the Polish Sot workers’ Party; after the dissolution of the Party it continued to represent the leftist perspective on the political scene. Rzeczpospolita was first printed on Jan 14th 1982, and 1 This social function again is pointed to, but not elaborated on, so that the present study is not engaged and committed ideologically as is the case with Critical Discourse Analysis (Fairclough 2003). It is, to an extent, conversant with discourse-historical method developed by Wodak (2001) in so far as in Chapter Three it presents the cultural context, i.e. the philosophical and sociological conceptualisation of war and in particular its literary representation – the context necessary for the analyses in Chapter Four. 2 A detailed description of the structure and the compiling procedure of the corpora is given in Appendix 1. 3 I would like to thank Mr. Piotr Szyda for pointing this reference out to me. Introduction 11 was designed as a government newspaper. In 1990 as the formula for the newspaper became obsolete it was redesigned as a privately owned national newspaper. The Times has always boasted to be close to the government circles, expressing Britain’s official position on world affairs. The texts gathered in the corpora come from 1982, 1986, 19881989 and 2001. They concern such topics as the Britain-Argentina war over the Falklands (April 2nd-June 14th 1982), the American air raid on Libya (April 15th 1986), the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan (May 15th 1988-February 3rd 1989),4 and the first phase of the War on Terror – the overthrowing of the Taliban government in Afghanistan (October-December 2001). The choice is guided by the following rationale. It has been assumed that the war reports in the 1980s may differ between the Polish and the British newspapers as Poland and Britain belonged then to two conflicting military organizations, The Warsaw Pact and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. On top of that, Britain was a participant of the Falklands War, while Poland only a distant viewer. In the Libyan conflict, Britain was an ally of the conflict participant, Poland an agitated and indignant viewer. In the case of...
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