Guiraud pierre 1976 semantyka transl by s ciechowicz

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Unformatted text preview: nceptualization”. Leuvense Bijdragen 82: 1-28. Reprinted in Dirven, Rene – Ralf Pörings. (eds.) 75-112. Dixon, Robert M. W. 1982. Where have all the adjectives gone? Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Dobrzyńska, Teresa. 1992. Metafora w przekładzie [Metaphor in translation]. Język a kultura 8. 231-250. Dupuy, Jean-Pierre. 1992. Le sacrifice et l’envie. [Sacrifice ad envy]. Paris: CalmannLevy. Duszak, Anna – Urszula Okulska. (eds.). XXXX. Speaking from the margin. Global English from a European perspective. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Duvignaud, Jean. 1971. Le theatre et apres. Paris. No publisher. [Transl. into Polish by Garbalińska, M. and published in Punkt. Kwartalnik gdańskich środowisk twórczych. 13. Jan.-March 1981]. (Quoted after Janion (1998), no page numbers). Eco, Umberto – Marco Santambrogio – Patrizia Violi. (eds.). 1988. Meaning and mental representations. Bloomington – Indianapolis: Indiana University Press. 256 References Eco, Umberto. 1976. A theory of semiotics. Bloomington – London: Indiana University Press. Eco, Umberto. 1986. “Metaphor”. In Sebeok, Thomas A. (ed.). 534-543. Elias, Norbert. 1939. [1982]. Power and civility: The civilizing process. (vol. II). New York: Pantheon. Eubanks, Philip. 1999. “The story of conceptual metaphor: What motivates metaphoric mappings?” Poetics Today 20.3. 419-442. Evans, Vyvyan – Jörg Zinken. 2005. Imagining for speaking: A lexically based theory of conceptual projection. Fabiszak, Małgorzata – Przemysław Kaszubski. 2005. “A Corpus-based study of war metaphors”. In Cap, Piotr (ed.). 301-319. Fabiszak, Małgorzata – Przemysław Kaszubski. 2006. “Studying metaphor with the BNC” PSiCL 41. 111-129. Fabiszak, Małgorzata. 2001. The concept of ‘joy’ in Old and Middle English. A semantic analysis. Piła: WSB. Fabiszak, Małgorzata. 2002. “A semantic analysis of fear, grief and anger words in Old English”. In Javier, E. Diaz Vera. (ed.). 255-274. Fabiszak, Małgorzata. 2005. „Kognitywna teoria metafory: nowe terminy, stare pojęcia?” [Cognitive Metaphor Theory: New terms old concepts?] In Kardela, Henryk, Muszyński Zbysław – Maciej Rajewski. (eds.). 137-148. Fabiszak, Małgorzata. 2005. Book review of Głaz, Adam. 2002. The Dynamics of meaning. Explorations in the conceptual domain of EARTH. Lublin: Maria CurieSkłodowska University Press. Linguistica Silesiana 26. 179-184. Fabiszak, Małgorzata. 2007. “‘The fighter for peace, Olof Palme’ or the metaphoric construction of meaning in the Polish press of the 1980s”. In Magnusson, Ulf – Henryk Kardela – Adam Głaz. (eds.). 153-167. Fairclough, Norman. 2003. Analysing discourse. Textual analysis for social research. London – New York: Routledge. Fauconnier, Gilles – Mark Turner. 2002. The way we think. Conceptual blending and the mind’s hidden complexities. New York: Basic Books. Fauconnier, Gilles. 1997. Mappings in thought and language. CUP. Fer...
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