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Unformatted text preview: 89 177,793 Rzeczpospolita has an on-line archive available since 1993, so that the articles on the air raid on Libya and on the withdrawal from Afghanistan had to be scanned and typed. The time span and the size of the Rzeczpospolita corpus are given in Tables 12 and 13 respectively, below. Table 12. The time span covered by the subcorpora derived from Rzeczpospolita Topic Time span The air raid on Libya April 11th 1986 – May 6th 1986 The withdrawal from Afghanistan January 30th 1989 – March 3rd 1989 Table 13. The size of the Rzeczpospolita subcorpora Topic Number of texts Word count The air raid on Libya 42 17,984 The withdrawal from Afghanistan 19 6,465 Total 61 24,449 The Times has a digitalised database of all of its issues between 17851985. The issues from 1985 up till now are available from the on-line archive. The time span for this newspaper and the size of the subcorpora are given in Tables 14 and 15. Appendix 1 239 Table 14. The time span covered by the subcorpora derived from The Times Topic Time span The Falklands war March 29th 1982 – April 24th 19821 The air raid on Libya April 12 1986 – May 10th 1986 The withdrawal from Afghanistan May 7th 1988 – June 2nd 1988, January 28th 1989 – March 3rd 1989 The War on Terror October 1st 2001 – December 21st 2001 Table 15. The size of the Times subcorpora Topic The Falklands war Number of texts Word count 132 123,645 The air raid on Libya 84 47,161 The withdrawal from Afghanistan 88 51,994 1980s total 304 222,800 The War on Terror 124 93, 492 Total 428 317,292 As can be seen from the comparison of Tables 11, 13 and 15, the English language corpus is larger than the Polish one. Apart from the average size of the newspapers, the reason behind this was the centrality of the Falklands war to the British public and its relatively peripheral importance for the Polish public. The air raids on Libya and the withdrawal from Afghanistan reports from Rzeczpospolita were scanned first. Their analysis indicated, as is shown in Chapter Four, that the wording of the reports in Rzeczpospolita and in Trybuna Ludu was very similar, often identical. Clearly the newspapers had the same source of international news. Con1 These time borders are wider than in the case of Trybuna Ludu, because for both newspapers 6 issues preceding the beginning of the war and 6 issues following the end of the war were surveyed, but the topic was of a different degree of interest for the Polish and the British public; therefore, simply, the Polish press had given it less attention, which is reflected not only in the fact that no information on the approaching war was given in TL until the April 3-4th issue, but also in the relative size of the corpora. 240 Appendix 1 sequently, the Rzeczpospolita reports on the Falklands war were not considered. The assembled corpora are called Trybuna Ludu War Reports Corpus (TLWRC), Rzeczpospolita War Reports Corpus (RWRC) and Times War Reports Corpus (TWRC). Appendix 2 The frequency list of the words from the lexical field of war in the Times War Reports Corpus (TWRC) 1. force/forces 2. military 3. attack/ed/s/ing n/v 4. war 5. terrorism 6. action (-s) 7. support/ed/ing n/v 8. terrorist/s 9. defence 10. general/s 11. troop/s 12. aircraft 13. security (Security Council 126) 14. operation/s 15. ship/s 16. fight/s/ing/fought 17. withdrawal/s 18. bombing/s 19. terror 20. intelligence 21. crisis 22. kill/ed/ing/s 23. missile/s 24. alliance/s (Northern Alliance = 71) 25....
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