It has meant isolating and bringing pressure on those

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Unformatted text preview: i duża część ludności egzystuje dzięki pomocy zewnętrznej. ‘The strikes are surgical, as the targets for bombs and rockets are airfields, radar stations, air defence, command posts, etc. They do not affect the civilians. I hope that the strikes will be surgical, but the Kabul power station has already been bombed. As a result, the inhabitants of the capital will suffer. The bombings will lead to increasing the wave of refugees and starvation. Afghanistan already experiences food shortages and much of the population depends on international aid’. Here the respondent accepts the conceptual metaphor suggested by the journalist, but formulates his answer in such a way as to put it in doubt. The linguistic expression as such, unlike in the 1980s, seems to be wellestablished in the language. A metaphor which did not appear in the analysed Polish war reports of the 1980s is WAR IS A HUNT. I am not claiming that it has suddenly appeared as a translation from English language sources. The common collocations extending the meaning of polowanie ‘hunt’ in Polish are polowanie na męża ‘hunting for a husband’, and polowanie na sensację ‘hunting for a scoop’ (Mały Słownik Języka Polskiego PWN [MSJP PWN] 1969). Another word from the same semantic field, i.e. obława ‘hunt’, because of Kaczmarski’s37 song Obława ‘Manhunt’, may seem more likely to be used about police action rather than military operation; however MSJP PWN (1969) states that it can be used both in reference to the police and military action. In the reports of the war with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in 2001 this metaphor has been elaborated to the extent that it structured an entire paragraph of a text. As the article concerned the types of American forces to be used in Afghanistan, it was most likely translated from the American sources, so that its wording could have been influenced by the original text: 37 Jacek Kaczmarski (1957-2004) was a Polish poet, singer and writer. He is considered to have been the Solidarity bard, the voice of the Opposition in the 1980s Poland. His songs circulated through the underground publishers. Obława ‘Manhunt’ is an adaptation of the song Ochota na volkov ‘A hunt for the wolves’ by Vladimir Vysotsky. 180 Chapter IV (115) Jednym z najważniejszych zadań, jakie stoją przed siłami specjalnymi w Afganistanie, jest bezpośrednie uderzenie w terrorystów AlKaidy, a przede wszystkim w jej przywódców, w tym Osamę bin Ladena. Jeden z planów przewiduje wypłoszenie ich z kryjówek i schwytanie, a w razie konieczności fizyczną eliminację podczas próby wyrwania się amerykańskiej obławie, nawet poza granicami Afganistanu. Niezależnie od wyników operacji na terenie tego państwa, polowanie na terrorystów nie może zakończyć się tylko na nim. To zaś oznacza rozciągnięcie antyterrorystycznej wojny, choćby ograniczonej, na kolejne kraje. Niewątpliwie będzie to wojna sił specjalnych. ‘One of the most important tasks that the special forces face in Afghanistan is a direct strike at the Al Qaeda terrorists, in particular at its leaders and Osama bin Laden. One of the plans involves flushing them out from their hidin...
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