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Unformatted text preview: p; [d]emands from within the Government that Libya should ‘clean up its house’ – the words were in the article written by a cousin of Colonel Gaddafi – have been coupled with further Libyan assurances of undying friendship with the Soviet Union (+CLEANING, NATION/STATE IS A PERSON) WAR IS A LESSON: Was not the American air attack intended to ‘teach Gaddafi a lesson’? HISTORY IS A TEACHER: Commentators are already outlining the lesson of the Libyan crisis in which we are still embroiled;26 RELIGION: If he [President Reagan] goes through with a military strike, he will alienate his European allies, give a martyr’s status to the Libyan leader in the Arab world, and fail to halt terrorism anyway;(Mapping: A Politician is A Martyr) WILD WEST: the fact that the United States decided to use direct military action against Libya will confirm in the Soviet Union the image of President Reagan as a trigger-happy cowboy who does not 26 Here, similarly to the reporting of the Falklands crisis, the British learn a lesson (HISTORY IS A TEACHER conceptual metaphor), while Americans, as in the paper by Sandikcioglu (2000) analysing the representation of the Iraqis in the American reporting of the Gulf War, teach a lesson, this time to the Libyans. A qualitative analysis of war news 159 flinch at attacking civilian targets; (Mapping: President Reagan is A Trigger-happy Cowboy) WAR IS BUSINESS: ‘There are three more members of his family down here,’ one of the group said. ‘We will pay back the Americans for this.’ (Mapping: War is Balancing the Sheets, possible interference from the MORALITY IS RETRIBUTION conceptual metaphor posited in Lakoff (1996)) WAR IS MEDICINE: The Americans had indeed bombed a heavily populated residential area of Tripoli and had killed and wounded civilians; if nothing else, it proved that all the talk of ‘surgical bombing’ was, as usual in the Middle East, a myth; Mr Neil Kinnock said that without doubt Colonel Gaddafi was a malignancy; (Mappings: Air Raids are Surgical Operations, The Enemy is a Tumour) WORLD WAR II: their execution had been ‘in retaliation for the new Nazi policy spearheaded by the international terrorist Reagan and his decision to launch aggression on the Arab people in Libya’. (Mapping: The Enemy is the Nazi) WAR IS A MACHINE: Mrs Thatcher has not merely protected the Alliance from corrosion but enhanced British influence on Washington within it; Mr Douglas Hurd, the Home Secretary, said that the West's machinery for fighting terrorism and crime had ‘moved decisively into higher gear’; (Mapping: Military Alliance is a Machine) All the above expressions, although they can be traced back to certain conceptual metaphors, are highly inactive. Even those which are clearly marked as figurative with quotes, or embedded in a tuning device, as in the image of President Reagan as a trigger-happy cowboy, do not seem to perform any important discursive function. 2.5.3. Other rhetorical strategies In th...
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