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Unformatted text preview: na”, which oppressed the nations of Latin America with a weight of American domination, and which will now include any selected area of the world’. …działając z pozycji imperialistycznego żandarma ‘acting from the position of an imperialist policeman’ chęć przekształcenia go w basen amerykański, w którym panowałoby prawo terroru i lotniskowców ‘a will to transform it [the Mediterranean] into an American sector ruled by a law of terror and aircraft carriers’ (58b) pod pręgierzem narodów ‘pilloried by the nations’ głównym winowajcą ‘the main culprit’ Nadzieje na bezkarność nie spełniają się. ‘Hopes for impunity are vain.’ te rządy USA i W. Brytanii powinny być postawione przed sądem „jako mordercy dzieci” ‘these governments of the USA and Great Britain should be brought to court as the “murderers of children”’ The metaphoric expressions originating in the lexical field of law presented above can be grouped into two major categories. The first one (58a) is structured around the conceptual metaphor THE USA IS A JUDGE AND A POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD. It also gains additional solid support from the Hubris strand, which is discussed later. The phrase ‘the law of terror and aircraft carriers’ is an elaboration of the Vehicle, it is not used metaphorically. It may be historically motivated by the so-called ‘gunboat diplomacy’ conducted by the colonial empires, among other, in China during the Boxers’ Revolution. The second group of expressions (58b) clusters around the idea that the USA, and GB as their accomplice, should be amenable to law for the crime they performed on Libya. The entire construct is possible through the operation of personification: STATE IS A 138 Chapter IV PERSON, so that as a result states can be pilloried, prosecuted in court or indeed victimised. Another metaphor covering a stretch of discourse is THE WESTERNER IS A TEACHER/ THE ORIENTAL IS A STUDENT, discussed by Sandikcioglu (2000, see Chapter Three, Section 7) with respect to the 1990-1991 war in Iraq. In a TASS commentary quoted in Trybuna Ludu of April 1920th 1986, however, it is used ironically: (59) …celem amerykańskich nalotów na Libię było „udzielenie lekcji” – pisze, że „pomoce naukowe” jakimi operował Biały Dom – bomby i rakiety – zabijały przede wszystkim spokojnych mieszkańców Trypolisu i Benghazi, wśród nich dziesiątki dzieci ‘the aim of the American air raids on Libya was “to teach a lesson” – [the TASS commentator] writes that the teaching aids used by the White House – bombs and rockets – were first of all killing the peaceful citizens of Tripoli and Benghazi, tens of children among them’. (Mappings: Air Raids are Teaching a Lesson, Bombs and Rockets are the Teaching Aids) In this example, the air raids are represented as “teaching a lesson”, but the inverted quotes instantly distance the reader from the content, and the “teaching aids”, which are deconstructed as bombs and rockets, mark the passage as clearly ironic. Another role assigned to the USA through a metaphoric construal of the...
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