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Unformatted text preview: nson, Mark. 1987. The body in the mind: The bodily basis of meaning, imagination and reason. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Jomini, Henri. 1806. Traite de grande tactique. Paris: Giguet et Michaud. Jomini, Henri. 1836. Precis de l’Art de Guerre. Brussels: Meline, Cans et Copagnie. Jones, Susan – John Sinclair. 1974. “English lexical collocations.” Cahiers de Lexicologie 24. 15-61. Kardela, Henryk – Zbysław Muszyński – Maciej Rajewski. 2005. (eds.). Kognitywistyka. Problemy i perspektywy. [Cognitivism. Problems and perspectives]. Lublin: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Press. 260 References Kardela, Henryk. 1992a. “Gramatyka kognitywna jako globalna teoria języka.” Język a kultura 8. 9-22. Kardela, Henryk. 1992b. “Onomazjologiczny aspekt semantyki kognitywnej.” Język a kultura 8. 43-57. Keegan, John. 1994. A history of warfare. London: Pilmico. Kemmer, Suzanne – Michael Barlow. (eds.). 2000. Usage Based models of Language. Stanford: CSLI. Kemmer, Suzanne – Michael Barlow. 2000. “Introduction: A usage-based conception of language”. In Kemmer, Suzanne – Michael Barlow. (eds.). vii-xxviii. Kępiński, Antoni. 1972. (ed.). Rytm życia. [The rhythm of life] Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie. Kępiński, Antoni. 1972. „Koszmar i Oświęcimskie refleksje” [Horror and Auschwitz reflections]. In Kępiński, Antoni. (After Janion (1998), no page numbers). Knightly, Philip. 1975. The first casualty. From the Crimea to Vietnam. The war correspondent as hero, propagandist and myth maker. New York – London: Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich. Koehler, W. 1935. Principles of Gestalt psychology. New York: Harcourt, Brace and World. Koehler, Wolfgang. 1940. Dynamics in psychology. New York: Liveright. Koller, Veronika. 2003. “Metaphor clusters, metaphor chains: Analyzing the multifunctionality of metaphor in text”. metaphorik.de 115-134. Koller, Veronika. 2004. Metaphor and gender in business media discourse: A Critical Cognitive Study. Houndmills – New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Kövecses, Zoltan. 1986. Metaphors of anger, pride and love. A lexical approach to the structure of concepts. Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Kövecses, Zoltan. 1993. “Minimal and full definitions of meaning.” In Geiger, Richard A. – Brygida Rudzka-Ostyn. (eds.) 247-265. Kövecses, Zoltan. 1998. “Are there any emotion-specific metaphors?” In Athanasiadou, Angeliki – Elżbieta Tabakowska. (eds.). 127-152. Kövecses, Zoltan. 2002. Metaphor: A practical introduction. Oxford: OUP. Kress, Gunther – Robert Hodge. 1979. Language as ideology. London: Routledge. Krippendorff, Klaus. 1980. Content Analysis: An introduction to its methodology. Beverly Hills – London: Sage. Kristiansen, Gitte – Rene Dirven. (eds.). In press. Cognitive Sociolinguistics: Language variation, cultural models, social systems. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Krois, Jean Michael. 1979. “Ernst Cassirer’s Contribution to a Philosophical conception of the...
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