Neoglobalism has disclosed its real nature and spoken

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Unformatted text preview: ur reporting of the Falklands War has been much too uncritical and indeed jingoistic. The other essay was authored by Philip Howard, who recounted the first Falklands crisis in 1770 and recollected the role of Dr. Samuel Johnson who then wrote a pamphlet against the military solution. He called Dr. Johnson the rhetorical Exocet missile and whole-heartedly supported his arguments. Some of the participants in the public discourse, especially in the Parliamentary reports, were trying to make fierce arguments, employing colloquial expressions or insults, as exemplified below: (56) I know that the blood-thirsty hooligans opposite do not want one [a cessation of hostilities]. (a labour MP about the conservative MPs) Mr Anthony Marlow (Northampton North, C): With regard to the Falklands, unlike the Commonwealth and the United States and, despite their public utterances, our Community partners seem to have been flapping around like so many decapitated chickens. A qualitative analysis of war news 135 Earlier, Mr Anthony Marlow (Northampton North, C) had said: As our Community partners, instead of giving us wholehearted support over our Falklands problem, have decided to put us on probation, will he remind them that if they continue to wet their knickers at the first whiff of unvalidated Argentine propaganda, a lot of this trade benefit from our EEC membership will be put at risk. This dispute has revealed that the Government’s defence priorities are mistaken. It has crippled the Royal Navy for the sake of the Trident programme, and the result is that these recent events have found the Government with its trousers down in the south Atlantic. These lively expressions seem to add to the intensity of the parliamentary debate, the first one giving a negative evaluation to the Conservative MPs’ support of the military solution; the second one creating a dynamic picture of indecision; and the last two producing a vivid image of incompetence, bordering on obscenity. Such rhetoric was unlikely to appear in the Polish press of the period, as Polish political leaders were then construed as infallible ‘fathers of the nation’, in accord with the NATION IS A 17 FAMILY conceptual metaphor, and decorum required them to use only a rigidly formal style.18 2.3. Trybuna Ludu on the American air raids on Libya (1986) 2.3.1. Paragraph-structuring metaphors In the series of Trybuna Ludu articles devoted to the American air raids on Libya there is one, which relies heavily on a discourse structuring metaphor WAR IS A DISPUTE. The article is an anonymous TASS commentary of April 16th 1986. I will quote one of its paragraphs, heavily permeated with intensely emotional, propaganda-loaded vocabulary: 17 More on the role of FAMILY as the source domain in constructing national politics can be found in Lakoff (1996). 18 Okulska (2004) writes about the conversationalization of the Polish political discourse on the basis of radio interviews of the years 2000 ad 2001. She also emphasizes the lack of dynamism of the political interviews prior to transformation. Clearly, a certain fossilisation of topics and linguistic expression was dominating the political discourse of the communist era in Poland. 136 Chapter IV (57) …neoglobalizm ujawnił swą rzec...
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