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Unformatted text preview: peaker’s choices: Seeing things from a perspective.” In Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk Barbara – Kamila Turewicz. (eds.). 291-303. Glucksberg, Sam – Boas Keyser. 1993. “How metaphors work”. In Ortony, Andrew (ed.). 401-424. Glucksberg, Sam. 2003. “The psycholinguistics of metaphor”. Trends in Cognitive Science 7. 92-96. Goatly, Andrew. 1997. The language of metaphors. London: Routledge. Grady, Joseph, Oakley Todd – Seana Coulson. 1999. “Blending and metaphor.” In Gibbs, Raymond W. – Gerard J. Steen. (eds.). 101-124. Grady, Joseph. 1997. Foundations of Meaning: Primary Metaphors and Primary Scenes. PhD dissertation. University of California. Berkeley. 258 References Grant, Neil. 1994. Ilustrowana Historia Konfliktów XX Wieku. [First British edition: Chronicle of Conflicts in the Twentieth Century. Reed International Books Ltd]. Warszawa: Agencja Wydawnicza Elipsa 2. Gripsrud, Jostein. 1998. “Television, broadcasting, flow: Key metaphors in TV theory”. In Geraghty Christine – David Lusted (eds.). 17–32. Grucza, Franciszek – Maria Dakowska. 1997. (eds.). Podejścia kognitywne w lingwistyce, translatoryce i glottodydaktyce. [Cognitive approach in linguistics, translation and glottodidactics.] Warsaw: Warsaw University Press. Guiraud, Pierre. 1976. Semantyka. [transl. by S. Ciechowicz]. Warszawa: Biblioteka Wiedzy Współczesnej Omega. Hall, Stuart – Dorothy Hobson – Andrew Lowe – Paul Willis. (eds.). 1980. Culture, media, language. London: Hutchinson. Halliday, M. A. K. 1985. An introduction to functional grammar. London: Edward Arnold. Halliday, M. A. K. – Ruqaiya Hasan. 1985. Language, context and text: Aspects of language in a social-semiotic perspective. Oxford: OUP. Halliday, M. A. K. – Wolfgang Teubert – Collin Yallop – Anna Čermáková. 2004. Lexicology and corpus linguistics. An introduction. London: Continuum. Halliday, M. A. K. 1975. Learning how to mean. Explorations in the development of language. London: Arnold. Harre, Rom – W. Gerrod Parrot (eds.). 1996. The emotions. Social, cultural and biological dimensions. London – Thousand Oaks – New Delhi: Sage. Hassner, Pierre. 1996. “La guerre et la paix”. In Raynaud, Philippe – Stephane Rials. (eds.) Dictionnaire de philosophie politique. Paris: PUF. [Transl. into Polish by Maryna Ochab, published as “Wojna i pokój”. In Hassner 2002b. 149-189.] Hassner, Pierre. 1998. “From war and peace to violence and intervention. Permanent moral dilemmmas under changing political and technological conditions”. In Moore, Jonathan. (ed.). Hard Choices. Moral Dilemmas in humanitarian intervention. London: Rowman and Littlefield. [Transl. into Polish by Maryna Ochab, published as “Od wojny i pokoju do przemocy i interwencji. Niezmienne dylematy moralne w zmiennych warunkach politycznych i technologicznych.” In Hassner 2002b. 191216.] Hassner, Pierre. 2000. “Par-dela le totalitarisme et la guerre”. In Hassner, Pierre. La violence et la paix. De la...
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