The remaining two metaphors facilitate the construing

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Unformatted text preview: ludziom starszego pokolenia ta bezprecedensowa akcja, przypomina wyczyny lotników hitlerowskich we wrześniu 1939 r. bądź też bombardowanie Warszawy przez samoloty niemieckie w 1944 r. ‘This unprecedented action reminds many people of the older generation of the exploits of the Nazi pilots in September 1939 or the bombing of Warsaw by the German planes in 1944’. 142 Chapter IV …obecne obrazy zniszczeń i ludzkiego cierpienia w Libii odtwarzane w telewizji przywodzą na pamięć zgliszcza i krew ofiar nalotów hitlerowskich z września 1939 r.,.. ‘…the present images of destruction and human suffering in Libya broadcast by television bring to mind the ruins and the blood of the victims of the Nazi air raids of September 1939,…’ (Mappings: The Destruction of Libyan Cities in 1986 is the Destruction of Polish Cities in 1939, The Americans are the Nazi) AMERICAN AIR RAIDS ON LIBYA ARE A CRUSADE: Nasz przywódca, pułkownik Kadafi powiedział: „Stany Zjednoczone postępują wobec Libii i świata arabskiego jak średniowieczny krzyżowiec…” ‘Our leader, Colonel Gadaffi said: The United States treat Libya and the Arab world as the medieval crusader did…’ (words ascribed to ‘a local journalist’) antylibijska krucjata Białego Domu ‘White House anti-Libyan crusade’ (Mapping: The USA is a Medieval Crusader) The first Nazi-based example, if it were not so strongly negatively emotionally loaded, could almost be amusing due to the contradiction in terms it contains. The ‘unprecedented action’ can after all be hardly reminiscent of past actions. This contradiction may serve as a counter-example to the strong version of Critical Discourse Analysis, supporting its stern assessment by Bell (1991, see Chapter Two, Section 4), who claims that many of the journalist’s lexical choices may be a subconscious falling back on set phrases. In this case, it seems that the author of the text was more after the formidable emotional effect rather than image coherence, and that his word choice was not so much aimed at persuading the public as at arousing it. This analogy referring back to the World War II schema is not reserved for the Polish press only, as Roxborough (2003a, see Chapter Three, Section 4) points out the American authorities, while preparing ground for the Second Gulf War, constructed Saddam Hussein as Hitler, and the Iraqis as the occupied French, who would await liberation from the American soldiers. Clearly the Second World War is an important reservoir of images and stereotypes structuring our understanding of contemporary wars. The CRUSADE conceptual metaphor, although it does not seem to have much intensity for the Polish public, is clearly important from the Arab perspective. It is supported in the texts by numerous references to colonialism and related terms used literally, but with a clear ideological bias. A qualitative analysis of war news 143 The conceptual metaphor WAR IS A NATURAL FORCE is also wellsupported with numerous examples shown in (66), divided into several metaphorical mappings: (66) Waging War is Starting a Fire: podejmuje dziś akcje w...
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