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Unformatted text preview: nce testifies to the 22 See also Section 2.2.1, this chapter, where The Times cites Mrs. Thatcher referring to the weapons of peace and the weapons of war; battles of war and battles of peace. A qualitative analysis of war news 151 activation of the NATION/STATE IS A PERSON conceptual metaphor, which allows the construal of the USA as someone dealing punishment on others. The newspaper also offers a definition of war, reminiscent of the Clausewitzian formula attributed to a Polish political scientist from the Polish Institute of International Affairs, Prof. Longin Pastusiak: (72) [Opinia] Prof. LONGINA PASTUSIAKA politologa z Polskiego Instytutu Spraw Międzynarodowych: Brutalna napaść Stanów Zjednoczonych na Libię jest jednym z przejawów szerszego zjawiska w polityce administracji Reagana, a mianowicie wzrastającej tendencji do posługiwania się siłą militarną jako narzędziem polityki zagranicznej. ‘Prof. Longin Pastusiak, political scientist of the Polish Institute of International Affairs: The brutal assault of the United States on Libya is an indication of a widespread phenomenon in the politics of Reagan’s administration, i.e. a growing tendency to use military force as a tool of foreign policy’. ‘The use of military force as a tool of foreign policy’ is clearly a reformulation of Clausewitz’ famous quote of War is politics pursued by other means. An overview of the remaining metaphors present in the TL reports shows that only the DISEASE metaphor does not appear in Rzeczpospolita. In the case of the NATURAL FORCE metaphor and FORCE schema23 further linguistic realisations can be added to those presented above. (73) szantażowanie świata przez USA kolejnym kataklizmem, w imię ludobójczej polityki, sprzecznej z zasadami humanitarnymi ‘the USA blackmails (threatens) the world with another (natural) catastrophe, in the name of the politics of genocide, which stands in contradiction to humanitarian principles’ (Mapping: War is a Natural Catastrophe) In (73) war is construed as a natural catastrophe, something that is so powerful that it cannot be controlled. The FORCE schema example is interesting in so far as it does not refer to any abstract power of the countries involved in political conflicts, but through the NATION/STATE IS A PERSON metaphor reduces the conflict 23 The FORCE schema was not discussed in the TL reports from Libya, because it was realized by the same linguistic expressions as those described in the Falklands reports. 152 Chapter IV to a fist fight. This interpretation, however, needs to deconstruct yet another layer of meaning, that of the propaganda colouring of the word kułak ‘fist’, which is a Russian loanword and a doublet to pięść ‘fist’. Kułak was used in the post war propaganda denominating rich land-owners before the agrarian reform. This lexical choice strengthens the negative impact of the sentence. The example runs as follows: (74) Przykładem posługiwania się przez Waszyngton kułakiem militarnym jest nie tylko Libia, ‘Libya is not the only example of the use of the military fist by Washington’ Rzeczpospolita also employs one phrase based on the conceptual metaphor, as shown in (75): WAR IS MEDICINE (75) Ofiarami tzw. chirurgicznego bombardowania prze...
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