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Unformatted text preview: represented world is that of a sheriff: (60) THE USA IS THE WORLD SHERIFF: USA, wraz z ich flotami i bazami wojskowymi – mogą pełnić role samowolnego szeryfa, podczas, gdy narody – szczególnie państw rozwijających się – mogą być potraktowane jak Indianie, z którymi szeryf może rozprawić się wedle własnej woli. ‘The USA, together with their navy and army bases, can perform the role of a wilful sheriff, while the nations, especially of the developing countries, can be treated as Indians, whom the sheriff can crush at will’ obecny świat nie jest amerykańskim „Dzikim Zachodem” a kraje rozwijające się nie mogą być traktowane jak indiańskie szczepy. A qualitative analysis of war news 139 Stany Zjednoczone nie są także wszechmogącym szeryfem, „zaprowadzającym porządek” przy pomocy swego colta. ‘The world today is not an American “Wild West” and the developing countries cannot be treated like Indian tribes. The United States is not an almighty sheriff either, a sheriff who “introduces order” with his colt’. (Mappings: The USA is the Sheriff, The Contemporary World is the Wild West, The (Developing) Nations are the Indian Tribes; implications: The USA can crush other Nations at will like the Sheriff could crush the Indian Tribes, The USA Introduce Their Order by Means of Force like the Sheriff Introduced His Order with His Colt) THE USA IS THE WORLD SHERIFF metaphor is a discourse-structuring metaphor in an anonymous Pravda commentary published in Trybuna Ludu on April 14th 1986. It highlights the reactionary nature of the American worldview, as the time of the Wild West is long gone. It must be emphasised here that the word ‘reactionary’ in the language of the propaganda of the time created a dichotomy with ‘progressive’, which were axiologically linked with evil and good respectively. 2.3.2. Isolated metaphors There are several other examples originating in the lexical field of dispute, as in (61) below: (61) Jeżeli dokonane zostaną nowe ataki – dodał – udzielimy zdecydowanej odpowiedzi i zadamy agresorom ciężkie straty. ‘If new attacks take place – he added – we will give a determined answer and will inflict heavy losses on the aggressors’. (Mapping: Retaliating against Enemy Attack is Giving a Determined Answer) This quote, attributed to Muammar Gadaffi, shows how the conceptual metaphor WAR IS A DISPUTE is employed to map answering onto a military retaliation. A similar mapping, but going in the opposite direction, underlies the next example: 140 (62) Chapter IV …czy prezydent Reagan swym atakiem na Libię nie storpedował ostatecznie spotkania na szczycie. ‘Has president Reagan not torpedoed the summit with his attack on Libya?’ (Conceptual metaphor: POLITICS IS WAR, mapping: Taking Wrong Political Decisions is to Torpedo a Political Meeting, The Political Meeting is an (Enemy) Ship) Here ‘an attack on Libya’ is synonymous to war, which is constructed as a weapon, a torpedo, used by the American President. It is significant that the question implies that the President may not have intended the side effects of this war, or at least disregarded them. In any case this implication is one of the ways of portraying the enemy in the war. The Americans, like the Iraqis in the data analysed by Sandikcioglu (2000) are represented as sub-human and irrational: (63) metaphors: „Pan Reagan może uważać innych ludzi za wściekłe psy. Ja uważam jego polit...
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