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Unformatted text preview: ykę za dotkniętą wścieklizną — stwierdziła ona [prof. U. Ranke-Heinemann, RFN]. — Jest to polityka mordu i morderców, która gryzienie, strzelanie i bombardowanie przyjmuje jako zasadę.” ‘Mr. Reagan can consider other people as rabid dogs. I consider his politics as afflicted by rabies – she stated. – This is a politics of murder and murderers, adopting biting, shooting and bombing as a rule’. IRRATIONALITY metaphors: o wojennym szaleństwie rządzących wielkim mocarstwem ‘about the military madness of the government of a superpower’, igrającym nieodpowiedzialnie losami milionów ludzi ‘irresponsibly playing with the fortunes of millions of people’, nieobliczalny krok amerykańskiej administracji ‘an unpredictable step of the American Administration’ ANIMAL The first statement above is attributed to Prof. U. Ranke-Heinemann, West Germany, who first accuses President Reagan of treating other people as rabid dogs, and then claims his politics to be contaminated with rabies. This claim is followed by a curious blend of elements from at least three input spaces: legal or violence related terms (‘murder, murderers’), rabid dogs space (‘biting) and war space (‘shooting, bombing’), all of which result in an image of great intensity and emotional appeal. The re- A qualitative analysis of war news 141 maining disease and irrationality labels are a common stock of insults used to degrade the enemy. Another group of such labels is organized around the notion of American arrogance. It is related to the notion of a classical tragic flaw or Hubris, where the protagonist’s conviction of his infallibility leads to tragic consequences. The American perspective implying that the American vision of the world is the right one, and the American style of war (the decisive battle, massive technological advantage, pre-emptive strikes) is supreme, are criticised implicitly by Sandikcioglu (2000, see Chapter Three, Section 7) and quite openly by Roxborough (2003a, see Chapter Three, Section 4). The propaganda employed in Trybuna Ludu exploited this notion of Hubris on several planes, as can be seen below: (64) Hubris terms: jaskrawy przykład arogancji oraz lekceważenia opinii światowej przez rząd USA ‘a dire example of arrogance and disregard of the public opinion by the US government’, przedstawiciel narodu, który ma pretensje do kształtowania stosunków międzynarodowych. A tego nie można robić wyłącznie według indywidualnego wyobrażenia. ‘a representative of a nation who has an ambition to shape international relations. Yet this cannot be done only in accord with one’s own conception, buta i pycha ‘arrogance and pride’, głęboka pogarda ‘profound disdain’ In the Hubris category such features as arrogance, pride, disregard for world public opinion, disdain and misguided ambition are ascribed to the Americans. There are two more history-grounded conceptual metaphors in the analysed texts: (65) AMERICAN AIR RAIDS ON LIBYA ARE NAZI AIR RAIDS ON POLAND: Wielu...
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