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Unformatted text preview: ed responses and condemned as inappropriate. Ironically, these reservations against emotionality are often surrounded by highly emotional vocabulary, such as abhor, bitterness and bloodshed. It is difficult to decide whether speakers using such contradictory elements in their speech believe that emotional political speech is appropriate, while what they call emotional political decision making is inappropriate, or simply they cannot resist the temptation of achieving emotional impact on their addressees. Occasionally some of the metaphor-based expressions are not just used in isolation and abandoned, but, as shown in the examples of dangerous snake, President’s poodle and dancing to someone else’s tune, they become creatively elaborated, in this way contributing to the structure of discourse, as shown in the text fragments below. (81a) Indeed military action will tear even more deeply into the wounds of the Middle East. 156 Chapter IV (81b) One can choose one’s friends in one’s own image and to one’s precise individual preference. One does not have that luxury with super-power allies and nuclear deterrents. (81c) Without Mrs Thatcher the trend towards Fortress America would have been accelerated. It is sentiment more than necessity that impels the US to defend us. If there was a war between Russia and the West fortress America would be in no greater danger of nuclear destruction than it is at present. If no nuclear weapons were used America would be absolutely safe. The Russians could not get large numbers of troops across the Bering Straits. There is no chance of their being able to do a Hannibal over the Alps on the US. In (81a) the POLITICAL ENTITY IS A PERSON metaphor is employed for a strong emotional effect that the phrase tearing even more deeply into the wounds may create in the readers, amplifying the critique of the military action and placing the Middle East in the position of a victim (see the Innocent Victim Myth of Lakoff 1992, Chapter Three, Section 7). In (81b) the same conceptual metaphor underlies the idiom to choose one’s friends in one’s own image. The idiom, however, becomes negated by the following sentence, so that the analogy between human relationships and international relations is denied. Of course, it could not be denied if it was not, in the first place, evoked. The passages quoted in (81c) come from different places of one article “And if the eagle should fly? / Implications of a US military withdrawal from Western Europe” by Woodrow Wyatt, which is structured around the image of AMERICA IS A FORTRESS. Here, the underlying conceptual metaphor STATE IS A HOME is elaborated into STATE IS A FORTRESS, and the whole argument of the article is structured around this notion. Generally, the entire text is rhetorically very rich, starting with the headline, in which the eagle metonimically stands for America, and continuing with an intertextual historical reference to an ancient Carthaginian military leader Hannibal. 2.5.2. Isolated metaphors Similarly to previous subcorpora, the data on Libya from The Times show an intricate embroiling of the concepts of WAR, POLITICS and DISPUTE. A qualitative analysis of war news 157 (82a) There is, in truth, a mutual incomprehension between Arabs and American...
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