Words attributed to senor robaldo an oppositionist

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Unformatted text preview: a dictatorship. WAR IS A NATURAL FORCE: His forces swept through the Argentine lines and found some of their troops ready to surrender. (Mapping: Attack is a Wind) Both British ministers said in Parliament that the crisis, storming from the illegal landing of a group of Argentine scrap merchants on South Georgia, was potentially dangerous. (Mapping: War is a Storm) Mr Nott, under pressure to resign as Secretary of State for Defence, said earlier that he would not hesitate to order the sinking of ArgenTHE 132 Chapter IV tine ships or the storming of the islands. (Mapping: Attack is a Storm) Whatever the outcome of the Falklands conflict, there will certainly be some form of inquiry into how the crisis erupted in the first place. (Mapping: War is a Volcano) Had that been done, the United Kingdom would have been accused of inflaming the situation (Mapping: Starting War is Starting Fire) WAR IS CLEANING: There was no official report that either had on board the 27 or so Marines captured by Argentine troops in “mopping-up” operations on the Falklands and South Georgia. (Mapping: Apprehending Enemy Soldiers is Mopping-up) WAR IS A HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT: his men had an unshakeable hold (Mapping: To Control the Battlefield is To Have a Hold on the Enemy) My battle group is properly formed and ready to strike. (Mapping: A Battle Group is a Fighter in a Hand-To-Hand Combat, crossfertilization with the conceptual metaphor: MILITARY UNIT IS A PERSON) ANIMAL/HUNTING IMAGERY (WAR IS A HUNT): Mrs Thatcher as a hawk, Mr Pym as a dove, Anglo-French Puma helicopters, hunterkiller boats (Cross-fertilization with the conceptual metaphor: PERSON IS AN ANIMAL; mapping: A Weapon is a Predatory Animal) WAR IS SPORT: Argentina’s armed forces are on paper smaller, less well equipped and much less experienced than Britain’s but in terms of football they belong to the second or perhaps third division, not the Isthmian League16 and pose problems, which, for British forces far from home and any friendly port, could prove insoluble. (headline: Third division takes on Britain) (Mapping: Quality of an Army is he Quality of a Football Team) the genuine enthusiasm of the people — Who put the invasion on a par with winning a football match (Mapping: Conducting a War is Winning a Football Match) This is the run-up to the big match which, in my view, should be a walkover. (Mappings: The Decisive Battle is The Big Match, Yielding to a Dominating Military Force is a Walkover) 16 Isthmian League is an amateur football league in Britain. The implication here is that Argentine is not a very easy enemy, but not a formidable one either. A qualitative analysis of war news 133 Now this is the heavy punch coming up behind. (…) (Mapping: War is a Boxing Match; submapping: A Military Attack is a Punch) We do not (he said) underestimate the threat posed to our forces by the Argentine and we cannot put our servicemen at risk by requiring them to pull punches in the face of that threat. (Mapping: To Spare Losses to the Enemy is to Spare the Competitor in a Boxing Match) The admiral said he was surprised at the speed of the Argentine surrender at South Georgia. “We were to...
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