20th century on Hitlers mnt. paper

17 it seems like they had put so much faith in hitler

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Unformatted text preview: r confused about what she was supposed to believe.11 Throughout the years of war Irmgard’s family would face poverty and hunger. They were almost always under fed. The sight of destroyed cities, refugees, injured soldiers, and starvation left Irmgard with scars and fears that she would carry for many years after the war.12 As late as 1961 Irmgard talks about the fear that she could not overcome. At this point she had moved to America and was 8 Ibid., 129 9 Ibid., 155 10 Ibid., 109 11 Ibid., 88 12 Ibid., 267 5 feeling alone in the sense that no one there shared her pain. She shares, “No one understood that New York /city fire sirens filled me...
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