20th century on Hitlers mnt. paper

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Unformatted text preview: son. Many families had their cities destroyed by bombs and had no place to go. Parents lost kids and kids lost parents. The war was utter chaos for the German families, the luckiest of which still had someone to call family. Families who did not lose their home had to take in refugees. On top of the 50 million war deaths, the Nazi’s managed to kill over 6 million Jews in the holocaust. The catastrophes of WW2 in Germany and around the world are beyond any adjective that could be used to describe both the physical destruction and the emotional damage done to billions. The years immediately following the war were hard on Germany. After the war came to an end, in Europe, on May 8, 1945 America, Britain, France, and Russia occupied Germany. Looting was rampant by both...
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