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20th century on Hitlers mnt. paper

If you dont know about the wrong doings of the nazis

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Unformatted text preview: ptures the fear that was so strategically implanted in the minds of Germans by Hitler. Upon walking past one of the secret service agents she recollects being certain that she was on her best behavior, in fear that she might do something to change the guards benevolence towards her. She says, “Almost without my knowing, a little anxiety, a basic fear of authority, had contaminated my carefree mood, and an undercurrent of unease dimmed the joy…”4 It is this subtle and controlling fear that kept Hitler’s anti- Nazi followers so loyal to him. 2 Ibid., 9 3 Ibid., 69 4 Ibid., 73 2 Another reason that Germans were inclined to follow Hitler is because it was popular to follow...
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