20th century on Hitlers mnt. paper

The years immediately following the war were hard on

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Unformatted text preview: old her to go back outside and try again. Hunt tells us that he repeated this process three times until she was about to cry.9 It was instances and people such as these that taught Irmgard to despise school. Irmgard gives us a plethora of ways in which her family was emotionally, physically, and psychologically affected. Perhaps the most substantial way in which Irmgard’s family was affected by the war was the loss of her father, Max Paul. He died in France on July 5, 1941.10 This took a cruel toll on the entire family. The death of a good father and husband is not something that simply passes with the end of the war. Irmgard’s childhood was plagued with arguments of adults as to rather they supported Hitler or not. This left he...
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