20th century on Hitlers mnt. paper

Upon walking past one of the secret service agents

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Unformatted text preview: citizens. As Hitler established his reign and rumors spread about his cruelty and lack of tolerance the people of Germany quickly came to fear him, especially those who did not agree with him. If you so much as spoke harshly of Hitler or the Nazi party you could easily find yourself in a concentration camp. From the accounts of Hunt, it seems that fear was one of the biggest motivating factors for many people’s allegiance to the Nazi party. Hunt tells the story of her Aunt Susi’s brother, Ferdl, who was sent to a concentration camp. When he came back he was not aloud to say anything about his experience. She goes on to describe how this made her scared and speculates that it scared her parents and aunt as well.3 Irmgard ca...
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