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20th century on Hitlers mnt. paper copy

Hitler strategically used this to his advantage he

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Unformatted text preview: nd keep them weak. They were forced to accept responsibility for the war, to disarm, to give up territory, and to pay for repairs. this lead to a weak and poverty stricken Germany. When Hitler came around Germany was suffering from a bad economy and low morale. The vast majority of people were 1 Irmgard Hunt, On Hitler’s Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood (New York: Harper Perrenial, 2005), 32. 1 looking for someone to fix their problems. Hitler strategically used this to his advantage. He promised to fix the economy and to strengthen Germany. This is a promise that Irmgard’s parents, Max and Albine, believed in along with the majority of Germany.2 This promise of hope was enough to get the attention of the German citizens. As Hitler established his reign and rumors spread about his cruelty and lack of tolerance the people of Germany quickly came to fear him, especially those who did not agree with him. If you so much as spoke harshly of Hitler or the Nazi party you could easily find yourself in a concentration camp. From the accounts of Hunt, it seems that fear was one of the biggest motivating factors for many people’s allegiance to the Nazi party. Hunt tells the story of her Aunt Susi’s brother, Ferdl, who was sent to a concentration camp. When he came back he was not aloud to say anything about his experience. She goes on to describe how this made her scared and speculates that it scared her parents and aunt as well.3 Irmgard ca...
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