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20th century on Hitlers mnt. paper copy

The death of a good father and husband is not

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Unformatted text preview: not a member of the Nazi party. About six months before the war ended in 1944 Irmgard’s grandfather was forced to join the Nazi party because they had banned him from doing his carpentry work. 7 The war seemed to touch every aspect of Irmgard’s day- to- day life. They scrounged for every meal. They made due with handed down, cheap clothes and fabrics, which Irmgard’s skilled mother would sew into whatever they needed. Their sleep, meals, school, and various other hours of the day were interrupted by air raids. Irmgard talks about how much she and her sister grew to hate these air raids that resulted in endless hours of sitting in the dark, moist shelters. It is hard to imagine the effects that this constant fear of being blown to pieces would have on a small child. Several teachers that Irmgard mentions used the Nazi’s harsh, unforgiving style of ruling in the classroom. One of these Nazi fanatics was Irmgard’s first grade teacher Fraulein Stohr. Irmgard tells us how blind submission to Hitler, accuracy, and orderliness were things that Stohr obsessed over. In what Irmgard says was the worst encounter that she had with Stohr, she witnessed a classmate, named 6 Ibid., 74 7 Ibid., 243 4 Wolfgang, get brutally beaten by Stohr’s cane until he was bloodied. Once he was bloodied the Nazi fanatic held him under the cold faucet water by his neck.8 In another instance Irmgard was asked to take some documents to the principals office. When she got...
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