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Chow 1 The Medieval Perspective

I think that the fact that these ideas have spanned

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Unformatted text preview: therly attributes to God. I think that there is a reason that the Bible calls God Father and Bride groom rather than Mother and Bride. To understand this more deeply we have to look back in the time periods were it was widely accepted that the man was the head of the home, the leader of the family, and the women was to follow him. Obviously I am not trying to make a sexist point, only a biblical understanding of the relationship between man and women. I do understand what Julian was trying to say and I think that there is also some truth to it. A mother is associated with loving and tender attributes, especially towards her children, and God certainly has those things. I still think that it is best not to refer to God as our mother. The topic of courtly love was intriguing to me. I think that we see the model of the guy as the chase, lover, and servant and the women as the beloved in...
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