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Chow jounal early christian perspective

If we truly believe this verse than we have nothing

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Unformatted text preview: pastors, none of them even come close to the Sermon on the Mount. I suppose this is to be expected, given that Christ himself gave the sermon. The Sermon on the Mount is packed with so many crucial, practical biblical truths. One thing about the Sermon on the Mount that makes it so special, in my opinion, is the straight forwardness of the message. Jesus is not speaking in parables or with any hidden code that needs to be de- scrambled. It is as if on the Mount he decided to lay out truths that were so crucial he did not want to risk anyone being able to misinterpret it. In my opinion, the Sermon on the Mount paints the picture of the Christian’s life and duty, more clearly and directly, than anywhere else in the Bible. There seems to be a major emphasis/theme throughout the Sermon on the Mount, of not looking for a reward here on earth, so that we may store up our rewards in heaven. I think that this is a way in which we are in the world and...
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