Chow jounal early christian perspective

While we would never verbalize this it is played out

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Unformatted text preview: by we are tempted to fall deeper and deeper into the trap of separating the spiritual side of Christianity from the physical, practical side and putting the majority of our focus on the spiritual aspects. I think this occurs because as we get farther away (in years) from the life of Christ, it starts to become more of a myth in our heads. While we would never verbalize this, it is played out practically in many of our lives and the church as a whole. Helena, growing up just hundreds of years after Christ walked the earth probably heard Christianity talked about in a slightly different and more tangible way. All of that to say, I am envious of the opportunities that Helena’s time made possible to her. However, there were probably an equal number of things that made Christianity much less enticing in her time. Helena’s life was nothing short of extraordinary, highlighted by giving birth to the ruler of Rome, b...
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