Chapter 3 - How Characters are Simplified

Reasonable ones from the modern point of view

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Unformatted text preview: ication: many recurring components, both semantic and phonetic, are simplified: 言 食 糹 釒 貝 戠 幾 戔 車 齊 讠 饣 纟 钅 贝 只 几 戋 车 齐 謊 飲 紅 銷 賺 職 機 錢 軍 濟 谎 饮 红 销 赚 职 机 钱 军 济 Strategies of Simplification • Partial retention: others retain only part of traditional characters: 豐 飛 禦 嚮 丰 飞 御 向 Strategies of Simplification • Phonetic component substitution: some phonetic components...
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