Cooch2 ch2 hc coo cooch2 c nh3 transaminase ch2 o c

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Unformatted text preview: CH2 O TransaminaIon reacIons O OH Which is converted into urea and excreted 4 12/3/13 So what is a transaminaIon reacIon? COOCH2 CH2 HC COO- COOCH2 + C NH3+ transaminase CH2 O C COO- COO- CH2 COO- + O CH2 HC NH3+ COO- COOTransfers amino groups to an α– keto acid A transaminaIon reacIon can make alanine from pyruvate COOCH2 CH2 HC NH3+ COO- COO- + CH3 C O COO- transaminase CH2 CH2 C O CH3 + HC NH3+ COO- COO- 5 12/3/13 TransaminaIon ReacIons require vitamin B6 - pyridoxal - 5’- phosphate (PLP) Lysine residue in a transaminase PLP a[aches to transaminase Glutamate the major nitrogen donor (acceptor) in amino acid metabolism but glutamine is required to synthesize asparagine from aspartate O H2N Asp CH C OH CH2 C O O OH H2N CH C OH O gl n CH2 CH...
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