1 one function of the urea cycle is to make urea

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Unformatted text preview: One function of the urea cycle is to make urea, what is another function of this cycle? 2. What amino acids are involved in the urea cycle? If any? 3. What is the origin of the NH2 groups in urea? What about the carbon? O H2N C NH2 4. Is there a connection of the urea cycle to the citric acid cycle? What is it? 2 12/10/13 The urea cycle -O O C NH2 C H2 C CO O - NH2 OPO3-2 O CH keto acid amino acid Pi ATP AMP O +H 3N CH C O- CH2 Matrix CH2 CH2 NH3+ CO O H2O CH CH CO O - We will go over this at the board in class Can you complete the bicycle below? A. B. C. Glutamate Oxaloacetate Argininosuccinate D. Fumarate E. 3 12/10/13 Con...
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