Coa 5 121013 metabolic regulaon 1allosteric interacons

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Unformatted text preview: yl-CoA ketoglutarate * acetyl CoA 5 12/10/13 Metabolic Regula<on 1.Allosteric interac<ons Catabolism Anabolism 2. Compartmenta<on 3. Covalent Modifica<ons 4. Enzyme concentra<ons Control points 1.  Glycolysis- PFK –hi [ATP] & [citrate] inhibits / F2,6 bis- P ac<vates pyruvate kinase- hi [ATP] inhibits 2.  PDH- inhibited by hi [NADH] & [acetyl CoA] 3. Citric Acid Cycle- isocitrate & ketoglutarate dehydrogenase- hi [NADH] inhibits 4.  Electron Tr...
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