Glycogen synthesisdegradaon controlled reciprocally

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Unformatted text preview: ansport- oxida<on of NADH- hi [ATP] inhibits 5.  Pentose Pathway- controlled by [NADP+] 6.  Gluconeogenesis- F1,6- bisphosphatase- hi F2,6 bis- P inhibits/ [citrate] ac<vates 7.  Glycogen Synthesis/degrada<on- controlled reciprocally by hormone cascade 8.  FaEy acid Synthesis/degrada<on- hi [FA] inhibit ACC, whereas hi [citrate] ac<vates hi [malonyl CoA] inhibits carni<ne acyl transferase *Hi [citrate] s<mulated by hi [acetyl CoA] 6 12/10/13 Liver Fed State Glucose Fasted State Glycogen Glycogen Glucose TAG Acetyl CoA cholesterol Acetyl CoA Ketone Bodies TAG VLDL Adipose Tissue Fed...
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