Fa6y acids for energy 2 sources of fa6y acids 2

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Unformatted text preview: albumin 7 11/17/13 Simple Lipid Metabolism Oxida3on of fa6y acids for energy- 2 sources of fa6y acids 2. Stored fa6y acids O O CH2 CH C O O C O CH2 O Hormone sensitive Lipase O HO OH CH2 CH C O CH2 O C O O O OH What transports fa6y acids in the blood to 3ssues that will u3lize them for energy? 8 11/17/13 Endogenous Lipid Pathway rol and oleste rt s e' c h ranspo 'Rever ster t terol e choles HDL Liver VLDL Peripheral tissues LDL acy lgly c by lipo erol h y pro tei droly n li s pas is e Fatty Acids Tri Peripheral tissues 9...
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