Ata when you have two samples from different

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Unformatted text preview: s the null hypothesis if |t| > tcrit. A little rearranging (multiplying both sides by SE) gives us the rule ! Reject H0 if M " µ > t # SE 0 crit This means that µ0 will not be rejected if it is within tcrit⋅SE of M. Therefore, the confidence interval goes from tcrit⋅SE below M to tcrit⋅SE above M. ! One sample: CI = [ M " tcrit # SE , M + tcrit # SE ] (8) This is the formula for a one ­sample t ­test or for a paired ­samples t ­test (if we replace M by Mdiff). More generally, Equation 8 is the confidence interval for the population mean, based o...
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