Eq 4 is the only formula you have to remember here the

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Unformatted text preview: f each sample mean alone from the Central Limit Theorem, so it’s straightforward to add them together. 2 2 2 "M A # M B = "M A + "M B 2 2 = "A + "B n n = "2 ( 1 nA + n1B ) Since the standard error is the standard deviation of MA – MB, we want the square root of what we just computed. ! " M A # M B = "$ 1 nA + n1 B Compare this to the formula for the standard error of a single sample mean. Notice that if you took away one of the 1/n terms, you’d be left with σ/√n. ! Since we don’t know σ, we estimate it using √MS. This gives the final formula for the (estimated) standard error of MA –...
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