That is mdiff is the mean of xdiff sdiff is the

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Unformatted text preview: mean difference score equals zero. Therefore, we use the formula for a single ­sample t, with µ0 = 0. t= M diff sdiff (2) n It’s important to keep in mind that everything in this formula is based on the difference scores, Xdiff. That is, Mdiff is the mean of Xdiff, sdiff is the sample standard deviation of Xdiff, and n is the number of difference scores (not the total number of observations; that’s 2n). Mean Square for independent ­samples t ­test. Like a single ­sample t ­test, the independent ­ samples t ­test requires an estimate of the population variance, σ2. We could estimate σ2 using either sample by itself, i.e. u...
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