However when we add them up to get sstotal one of

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Unformatted text preview: simple ANOVA (see the 11/8 notes for explanations). SS SS MStreatment = treatment MSresidual = residual df treatment df residual MStreatment F= ! MSresidual ! p( Fdf treatment ,df residual " Fcrit ) = # ! p = p( Fdf treatment , df residual " F ) Degrees of Freedom. This section is optional but may be useful for understanding how the sums of squares fit together. Since t! here are n subjects each being measured k times, there ! 2 are a total of nk raw scores. Therefore there are nk squares of the form ( X " M ) . However, when we add them up to get SStotal, one of them disappears because M depends on the Xs. Therefore the total degrees of freedom in the data equals nk – 1. ! dftotal = nk – 1 ! SStreatment and SSsubject also appear to be sums of nk squares, but in this case there are actually far...
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