We convert sstreatment and ssresidual into mean

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Unformatted text preview: nd don’t provide much insight into what’s going on. So, the best way to think about how SSresidual is computed is by subtracting SStreatment and SSsubject from SStotal. Notice that this formula is essentially the same as Equation 1. SSresidual = SStotal " SSsubject " SStreatment Hypothesis testing. Hypothesis testing in repeated ­measures ANOVA works in the same way as in simple ANOVA. We convert SStreatment and SSresidual into mean squares, and then ! compute their ratio to get an F statistic. The only difference between the two tests is that, in repeated ­measures ANOVA, we first remove the individual differences from the residuals. This was taken care of when we computed the sums of squares, so at this point there’s nothing new. The equations for MS, F, Fcrit, and p are shown here, but they are identical to the equations for...
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