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Final Review Multiple Choice flashcards _ Quizlet

Final Review Multiple Choice flashcards _ Quizlet - Final...

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Final Review Multiple Choice Created by laelmarie 194 terms Biology is ______. The study of living things Biological literacy is the ability to: ­use the process of scientific inquiry to think creatively about real­ world issues that have a biological component ­ communicate ideas about biology to others ­ integrate ideas about biology into your decision making Science is self­ correcting. This means that : Science actively seeks to disprove its own theories and hypothesis A null hypothesis: is the premise that no difference exists between a treatment and control groups The proposal explanation for a phenomenon is BEST described as: A hypothesis A scientific theory is one that: is the result of all scientific experiments Which of the following is the BEST description of a control group in an experiment? The control group is identical to each test group except for one variable An element: is a substance that cannot be broken down chemically into any other substance The four most abundant elements in living organisms are: Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Which of the following elements have four elections in their outer shells? Carbon and silicon If you were going to build a large macromolecule or polymer it needs to be strong. What type of chemical bond do you think would work best for building macromolecules? Covalent Carbohydrates ­Act as a relatively quickly available source of fuel ­serve as carbon skeletons that can be rearranged to form other molecules that are essential for biological structures and functions like nucleic acids. ­on the plasma membrane serve as cell recognition signals Which of the following is not an important biological function of lipids? ­Insulation ­regulation of growth and development ­energy storage ­protection of internal organs and tissues
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The message on a DNA molecule is used to make proteins Which of the following statement about enzymes is NOT true? Enzymes are permanently changed when they take place in a chemical reaction Which of the following nucleotide bases are present in equal amounts of DNA? Adenine and Thymine Prokaryotic organisms lack: organelles According to the theory of endosymbiosis, the origin of chloroplasts probably involved: engulfing of small photosynthetic prokaryotes by larger cells Which of the following statements about chitin is incorrect? Humans easily digest chitin as a quick form of energy Which of the following is the most important factor governing a cell's particular type of interaction with other cells The pattern of proteins on the cell's surface Which of the following BEST summarizes the differences between osmosis and diffusion? Osmosis deals only with water Which of the following is NOT a way in which the cell's surface membrane interacts with the exterior environment?
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