Drosophila one of the rst genetic model organisms and

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Unformatted text preview: ng, and behavior. • Specific example: neurotransmission in C. elegans is regulated by the same neurotransmitters and homologous receptors to those in humans. • In humans, defects in neurotransmitter signaling lead to diverse disorders including depression and schizophrenia. Drosophila: one of the first genetic model organisms (and by far the best) • 100-year history • Useful characteristics: • Short generation time (10 days) • Produce a large number of offspring (hundreds per female) • Easy to cultivate in the lab Drosophila: one of the first genetic model organisms • Studies of: • linkage, epistasis, chromosome genetics, development, behavior, and evolution. • Example: A protein that triggers eye development in in Drosophila (Eyeless) has a homolog with a similar role in humans (Pax6) • Pax6 is mutant in aniridia, a human eye disease. The mouse: a mammalian genetic model organism • Closest evolutionary relationship to humans. • Useful characteristics: • Small • Short generation time (21 days) • Prolific (8-10 pups) • Easy to keep in lab The mouse: a mammalian genetic model o...
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